Akiko Ichikawa
DeKalb Avenue at Fort Greene Place on the edge of the park

Saturday May 30, 7:43 am







The burned helmets and ash are from this NYPD van.

ABC7NY's account of the previous night. Decolonize This Place's take

Footage from just 4 blocks south earlier in the day

Sunday May 31, 7:33 pm













The storied collective behind the book offered

Monday June 1, 5:55 pm












This title by a local professor is an L.A. Times bestseller and is available for $3 here.

Wednesday June 3, 6:00 pm

Thursday June 4, 11:51 am












I left the tulips.


Saturday June 6, 10:49 am 

Sunday June 7, 2:42 pm








Wednesday June 10, 7:44 am 
Sunday June 14, 9:18 am

Monday June 15, 8:15 am







The palm leaves are from Emily Anadu, who helped clear the initial rubble and maintains the installation with help of a white local shop owner most mornings.

Thursday June 18, 1:59 pm
Monday June 22, 7:45 am
Thursday June 25, 9:06 am
Monday June 29, 7:55 am

Friday July 3, 8:38 am











FX and the New York Times, as part of their new series, are producing a documentary on Breonna Taylor directed by Yoruba Richen.

Sunday July 5, 8:13 am
Wednesday July 8, 10:46 am

Saturday July 11, 7:30 am

After some rain.

Monday July 13, 10:12 am
Thursday July 16, 11:00 am

Sunday July 19, 7:24 am







A pineapple has made an appearance.



Tuesday July 21, 6:20 am









Click on the image to view the site from the other direction.






Friday July 24, 1:01 pm

After the rain.











The painting on the far left is of Rayshard Brooks killed by one of his city's (Atlanta's) police officers 6 weeks prior.

Saturday July 25, 9:34 am












The Covid-safe access to the B38 bus usually stops only a few feet away from the top of the installation.

Sunday July 26, 12:21 pm









Chicagoan Emmitt Till's birthday was the day before. His case was quietly reopened by the U.S. Justice Department in 2018.

Tuesday July 28, 7:33 am












Wednesday July 29, 9:15 am












Saturday August 1, 7:22 pm












Monday August 3, 7:19 pm












Friday August 7, 1:11 pm












Tuesday August 11, 7:28 pm






I contributed the ice plants by the portaits











Wednesday August 12, 5:51 pm






... and the wild sweet williams by the candles on this day.











Sunday August 16, 5:11 pm

















Friday August 21, 9:57 am








By this point, I've started to help with upkeep. Click on the image to view the site as I first found it this day.






Tuesday August 25, 8:07 am








The morning after protests over the police shooting of James Blake. Click on the image to view the area in front of the traffic cone. 




Thursday August 27, 4:44 pm











Read Sam Levin's article published on this day about the far right infiltrating police forces across the U.S. Then click on the photo to look at a pot of rose mosses up close to console yourself.



Saturday August 29, 10:43 am

After the rain.









To view impromptu artwork about 100 feet away in the park that appeared on this day that came down within a week, click on the image.





Monday August 31, 7:26 am















Thursday September 3, 5:24 pm







More ice plants from me, the day after the press conference in Rochester revealing the circumstances around Daniel Prude's death in March.







Saturday September 5, 8:02 am







Click on the image to view the chalk text at right.







Monday September 7, 4:55 pm







To see some of the local chestnuts and burrs that have started to drop that I've added, click on the image.








Saturday September 12, 8:06 am















Sunday September 13, 11:10 am















Wednesday September 16, 11:32 am







The day after the City of Louisville announced its $12 million settlement with Breonna Taylor's family. Sign the petition by one of her lawyers to push for accountability from the officers involved in the March shooting.




Saturday September 19, 9:17 am











Thursday September 22, 12:11 am




The day after the first night of protests over the grand jury verdict in the Taylor case charging no one directly in her shooting death. View the candle left lit which I had contributed nine days prior.






The offerings are from protesters, neighbors, and passersby. Come by!

(c) Akiko Ichikawa 2020